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Our projects are just as distinguished and different as our clients. Our creative designs with the best quality services make us one of the most sought interior decorators in UAE and World Wide.

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We are all that these – Sustainable designers, Eco friendly, Green designers, Environmentally aware, Ecological designers, Energy efficient – these are some of the names we get for loving our planet earth. We don’t follow these to get big green ratings – we sincerely hope to preserve this beautiful planet in all its lush greenery and innate beauty.

HTS Interiors is an ardent follower of Sustainable Interior Designing practices . Most of the time you spend indoors, you are surrounded by some form of interior design. These beautiful interiors have a great influence not just on you, but also on the environment around you.

We know and understand the need for Eco friendly designs . Our products and accessories eco-friendly especially because they get discarded more often than the wall or floor coverings and furniture. Recycling old furniture made of natural materials is also a good budget-saving idea. We promote good quality air and light wherever we design – we bring the natural elements in and blend them in your sophisticated interiors. You will be bestowed with the gift of nature in your Office and Home.

We use formaldehyde free paints and wall finishes ensuring you a good health. We take care to reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in our renovating and building processes. We also follow the highest safety standards in our creative space planning, giving you the best healthy environment.

Our design is a response to Social Change.


Here are some Eco-Friendly products we use

  • Adhesives/Sealants
  • Automotive Products
  • Bathroom Products
  • Building and Construction Materials
  • Cabinetry Ceiling Systems
  • Cleaning Products/Systems
  • Energy Efficient Heating/Cooling
  • Systems for Buildings
  • Finish Flooring
  • Fuels & Lubricants Products

  • Furniture Gymnasium Equipment
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • HVAC Insulation Laboratory Practices
  • Lithographic Printing Services
  • Manufacturing Facility
  • Mattresses & Bedding
  • Management System Paints
  • Paper Plastic Fabrication
  • Premises Communication Cable
  • Pressed Firewood Logs

  • Reclamation Program
  • Recycled Plastic Products
  • Refrigeration
  • Sanitary Papers
  • Septic Tank Additives
  • Storage Solutions
  • Visual Display Products
  • Water Conserving Products
  • Window Treatments
  • Wood Finishing Products
Interior Design

We only have one formula

At HTS Interiors we just bring to life the dreams and desires of our clients without very own trademark professional finishes and touches of luxury.

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Fit Out

We provide the perfect Fit Out service

HTS Interiors takes very great care in the interior fit-out projects – we enjoy sculpting out the ideas of happiness and a stress free environment within the space given to us

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We make your store more attractive.

HTS Interiors consultancy will give a client inspiration and motivation for revitalizing their space. Our professionals can derive solutions to you.

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